Application for Japanese Passports

【Important Notice for Applicants】The Japanese Passport & Certificate window is only accepting those who already have an appointment (starting June 15, 2020). Please click hereOpen a new window and book your appointment before coming to the Consulate.

If you became a US citizen through naturalization, you have lost Japanese nationality and cannot apply for a Japanese passport. You are required to report the loss of Japanese nationality by submitting the Denaturalization Registration (Kokuseki Soshitsu Todoke) as soon as possible.

Applications CANNOT be accepted by mail. You may designate someone to apply on your behalf, but you MUST come in to pick-up your own passport.

** Effective April 1, 2022, the age required to apply for a 10-year passport has changed from age 20 to age 18 and older.
  1. Window and Office Information
  2. New or Expired Passport
  3. Renewal
  4. Revised Passport (for change in name or domicile)
  5. Emergency Tokosho Travel Document
  6. Additional Visa Pages (for passports out of visa pages)
  7. Report a Lost or Stolen Passport
  8. Passport Photo (in Japanese only)
  9. Fees
  10. Residents in Remote Areas
  11. Request Application Forms
  12. Application for Japanese Passports of Minors