Visiting Japan and VISA

Currently, due to a high volume of applications, the visa process may take 2 weeks from the date of receiving ALL completed documentation. Please make sure to apply with ample time for the process including the shipping time of your passport.

Please note:
*We do not accept applications from temporary visitors to the US (including ESTA and B1/B2 Visa holders).
*We do not have expedited services.
*We are not able to check visa application status.
*We may contact the applicant. On the application form, please make sure to write your personal email address where we can reach you, and periodically check your email inbox (including junk email).
*Incomplete applications will be returned/withdrawn. Please read the checklist carefully.
*If you have a family emergency, please call (213)-617-6700 and navigate to the visa section. Please call again later if we are unable to respond to your call as the office is experiencing a high volume of inquiries.

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