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Japanese Government

  • imperial
  • The Imperial Household AgencyOpen a New Window provides an introduction to the official duties and various public activities of Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress, and other members of the Imperial Family,

Japanese Government Online Information

  • japanfactsheet
  • Concise information about Japan by topic, from general information to politics, society, sports, government, economy, nature, and more. Great for country reports!
  • japanfactsheet
  • Comprehensive information for travellers to Japan, including sample itineraries, annual festivals and seasonal events.
  • highlightingjapan
  • Published by the Government of Japan's Public Relations office, this online magazine captures a current view of Japanese people and society. It is published monthly.
  • jvt
  • Japan Video Topics offers a comprehensive view of Japanese culture, nature, science and technology, and tourism etc. You can enjoy streaming content in six languages. English DVDs are available for loan from our office.
  • kidsweb
  • An interactive and fun website for kids to navigate on their own. See how Japanese kids live! Learn basic Japanese! Read Japanese folk tales! Cook Japanese food! And much more!
  • nipponia
  • The archives of the no-longer-published Nipponia Magazine are a storage chest of information and beautiful photos! Read about uncommon aspects of life & culture, travel, history, the arts, and the stories of Japanese people.
  • trends
  • Track what's popular in Japan now! You can see the latest in fashion, pop culture, lifestyle, science & technology, food & travel, and the most recent Tokyo Street Style!
  • webjp
  • Your source for all information on Japan, whether you're learning about the country for the first time or you're got the basics down but want to know more.



  • jasso
  • Established in 2004, JASSOOpen a New Window helps prepare students for study in Japan, providing language training support, information about scholarships for international students, and administering the Examination for Japanese University (EJU).
  • jfla
  • The Japan Foundation provides a wide range of programs relating to the exchange of persons, support for Japanese Studies and Japanese-language instruction, exchanges in the arts, and assistance for media-related projects. The JF adminsiters the Japanese Language Proficiency TestOpen a New Window in Los Angeles each year.
  • studyjapangtwy
  • Your comprehensive guide to studying in Japan -- information for propsective, current, and former students: how to get there, what to do when you're there, and what to do when your studies are complete. Student and alumni interviews included!

JET Program


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Printed (Newspaper, Magazine, Journal)

Asahi ShimbunOpen a New Window

Bridge USAOpen a New Window

Cultural NewsOpen a New Window

LaLaLaOpen a New Window

LighthouseOpen a New Window

Rafu ShimpoOpen a New Window

San Diego YuYuOpen a New Window

Broadcast (TV, Radio)

NHKOpen a New Window

UTBOpen a New Window






Yellow Pages

Vivinavi Los AngelesOpen a New Window (Japanese only)