Our office has jurisdiction over Southern California and Arizona. If you live in other areas, please contact the consulate or embassy that has jurisdiction over where you live. 

Due to COVID-19, we are currently accepting Registrations by mail ONLY. For Registrations that have deadlines, such as Birth Registrations, gather all necessary documents as soon as possible. Please take into consideration the number of days it may take to mail your documents and allow enough time for your mail to reach our office.

The U.S. postal system may have mail delivery issues and there have been cases where they lost mail. We recommend you use a Tracking Number to monitor your mail. 

Please check all necessary documents. If your registration is incomplete, you may be required to resubmit them again.

First, please obtain the Registration Forms to submit your documents. Read the following instructions to request the forms.


1. Requesting Registration Forms

Send a self-addressed envelope. Provide a 9”x12” envelope, $2.00 in stamps, and write your name and address in the middle.

Include a memo with the following 2 information:
(1) Type of Registration Form you are requesting.
      (E.g., Birth Registration, Marriage Registration, etc.)

(2) Nationality of all persons involved in the Registration.
      (E.g., For Birth Registration, write “Father: U.S. Citizen, Mother: Japanese Citizen.” For Marriage Registration, write “Husband: U.S. Citizen, Wife: Japanese Citizen.”)

<Address to Send Requests or Submissions>
Consulate General of Japan
Consular Section
350 S. Grand Ave., Suite 1700
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Please do not use UPS for return envelopes, as we do not have scheduled collections

2. Birth Registration (Shussei Todoke)

This registration is for a child born in the U.S. from a Japanese parent. Must be submitted within 3 months of the birthdate.


3. Marriage Registration (Kon- in Todoke)

For marriages in the U.S., you must submit this registration to update your family registry.


4. Divorce Registration (Rikon Todoke)

For divorces in the U.S., you must submit this registration to update your family registry.


5. Death Registration (Shibo Todoke)

Submit this registration for Japanese citizens who have passed away in the U.S. However, if they will be buried in Japan, submit your registration at a municipal office in Japan for faster proceedings.


6. Denaturalization Registration (Kokuseki Soshitsu Todoke)

If you acquired U.S. citizenship by naturalization, you have lost Japanese citizenship and will need to submit this registration.


7. Renunciation Registration (Kokuseki Ridatsu Todoke)

If you have multiple citizenship and need to renounce your Japanese citizenship, you will need to submit this registration.


8. Declaration Registration (Kokuseki Sentaku Todoke)

If you have multiple citizenships, you will need to declare a nationality by age 20 (or if you acquired the foreign citizenship after age 18, within 2 years). To declare Japanese citizenship, you will need to submit this registration.


9. Other

For registrations listed below, contact the Consular Section at (213) 617-6700 for more information.

Paternity Registration (Ninchi Todoke), Entry Registration (Nyuseki Todoke), Adoption Registration (Yoshiengumi Todoke), Notification Report (Moshidesho), Name Change Registration (Shimei no Henko Todoke)