JICC Library



The Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) is part of the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles. Its mission is to promote exchanges between Japan and the United States through the planning and management of Japanese cultural exchange projects, mass media reporting, and education-related programs.
The library, located within the Information and Culture Center and next to the Consular Services Division, has books related to Japan (in Japanese/English) that you are free to browse.
We also have public relations materials including photo panels, picture-story shows, kimono, folk crafts from various regions of Japan, toys, and more that can be used for events where Japanese culture is being introduced. These items are available for rent, so please feel free to ask our staff.
Please note at the reception desk of the building, we ask that you present proof of your identity, such as a driver's license, student ID, or passport.
■ If you would like to visit the Japan Information and Culture Center Library, you will need to make a reservation. Please contact infoj@ls.mofa.go.jp with your desired date and time, as well as the full names of everyone who will be coming (in English, the same name as the ID you will be presenting).
■ The closing days of the Japan Information and Culture Center Library are the same as the closing days of the Consulate General.
■ For inquiries by phone, call (213) 617-6700 Ext. 330

Japan "Realia"

We offer authentic Japanese items for display and use in cultural fairs or presentations on Japan. Please contact us to see if your organization or event qualifies to borrow these items.
  • Elementary School Backpack
  • Food Displays
  • Japan-In-A-Suitcase
  • Kamishibai 
  • Yukata & Happi

Japan Video Topics

JVT covers many topics about Japan and Japanese culture. Each month's video/DVD has three to four segments. Watch each in its entirety, or select one or two segments. This is a wonderful addition to a classroom presentation on Japan. The DVDs feature six languages (English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese & French); additionally, you can stream JVTs in six languages onlineOpen a new window!

Directions to the JICC Library and Consulate General of Japan