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b01  Lectures at Colleges/Universities and Organizations

The Consulate General of Japan can send speakers upon invitation to visit and lecture to classes or groups at various colleges/universities and organizations.

 Lectures usually touch on current issues, especially as they relate to Japan and its interactions with other nations. For example, the diplomatic, business, cultural, and human ties between Japan and the United States underpin one of the world's key international relationships. Despite different cultural histories, and after recovering from World War II, our countries have become partners, friends, and allies; sharing interests and common values, and playing crucial roles for the stability and prosperity of Asia and the world.
 We ask that the inviting organization arrange the venue and such things as a microphone, if necessary, etc.

For further information, please contact:
 Telphone : (213) 617-6700, ext. 336
 E-mail : info@ls.mofa.go.jp

b02  School Visits Program

The school visits program ot the JICC(The Japan Information and Culture Center) is an educational outreach program which endeavors to share Japan in Southern California elementary, junior high, and high schools. Our staff introduce about Japanese culture or modern society. Examples of topics, which are presented according to the season, include New Year's in Japan, Children's Day, and Rice Culture in Japan.  This program, including the transportation of speakers, is offered free of charge.

For further information, please contact:
 Telphone : (213) 617-6700, ext. 336
 E-mail : info@ls.mofa.go.jp

b02 E-Newsletter "Japan Focus"

  Japan Focus is an English e-newsletter issued by the Japan Information and Culture Center at the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles. On a regular basis, it is distributed to people in various fields such as business, academia and community organizations. The Japan Focus aims to inform its readers of Japan-related events taking place in or around Southern California and Arizona. Each issue contains headlines and summaries that address the hot issues in Japan pertaining to politics, economy and social topics as well as cultural event information.

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