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                              Lost / Stolen Passport

As of 3/20/2006 , lost or stolen passports will no longer be reissued. You must apply for a new passport.

Required Documents, in addition to the required documents to apply for a Japanese Passport (please see Japanese Passport Application/Renewal section):

Report of Loss or Theft Form

Police report (if available)

If a copy of the lost passport and/or passport number and issue date are known, please have information available.
Applicant must appear in person at the Consulate.

A Tokosho (Travel Document) can be issued in lieu of a passport for an immediate return to Japan only (see below for required documents)


Travel Document (Tokosho) : Can be picked-up on the day prior to departure.


Required Documents:


Travel Document (Tokosho) Application Form

Police Report (if available)

Two photos, taken from the same negative and within six months

Koseki Tohon or Shohon

    (if you have: Japanese Driver's License, copy of lost passport or Hokensho)
Flight itinerary or airline ticket
     (to confirm passenger’s name, date of departure, airline and flight #)

For more detailed information, please contact the passport section of our office.
Tel : (213)617-6700





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