Japan Cinema Celebration


On Monday, February 4, 2019, Consul General Akira Chiba hosted a “Japan Cinema Celebration - A Year of Golden Films” reception to acknowledge two films, “Mirai” and “Shoplifters”, and celebrate their great achievements. After the remarks by Consul General Akira Chiba, Mr. Mamoru Hosoda, Director (“Mirai”; the 91st Academy Award Nominee, Animated Film), and Ms. Kaoru Matsuzaki, Producer (“Shoplifters”; the 91st Academy Award Nominee, Foreign Language Film) delivered remarks and introduced their film works.

Before the program began, a press conference was also held at the official residence. At the reception, all the guests enjoyed each other’s company and pleasant conversation.

Remarks by Consul General Chiba
Remarks by Mr. Mamoru Hosoda
Remarks by Ms. Kaoru Matsuzaka