[Result Announcement] New Video Information Series

The Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles had called for the Japanese companies’ cooperation in the PR video production project, “Go to LA market” & “Go to AZ market", since January 25th, and the five production themes and PR participating companies are selected as follows. We applicate many companies interests and applications.
Production themes and Participating Companies/Organization
 “Climate Change”:      JH2F (Japan Hydrogen Forum)
  Keywords: Hydrogen, Carbon-neutral
”Digital & Startup”       i-Probe Inc., Geo Search Inc., 
  Keywords: Digital solutions to infrastructure management,Road maintenance
”Diversity”                    Redac Gateway Hotel
  Keywords: Partnership, Community
”SDGs”                         Mitsubishi Electric US Holdings, Inc.
   Keywords: Sustainability,Innovation
”Metaverse”                 Asobisystem “Meta Tokyo”
Keywords: Global,Culture,Entertainment
※As for "Digital & Startup", we plan to comprehensively look into the location filming possibility and composition, and make adjustments for the specific focus with each company.
For the video production, we accept any materials (videos, still images, etc.) that match the above five themes from other companies that did not make it in time for the application. If you are interested in introducing your companies’ activities by providing video or photo materials, please access the form below and use the "Google Form" link below to apply. We also accept materials for the next year's video production project.
<Closing Date>
For the up-coming project:February 22nd (Tuesday)
For the future project:March 31st. (Thursday) (※accepting materials throughout the year) No specific theme.
Please check the links below for Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and please understand that the Consulate does not administer their policies and accepts no responsibility for their policies.
・ Terms of use (https://policies.google.com/terms)
・ Privacy policy (https://policies.google.com/privacy
※Please note that we do not guarantee the use of the materials provided. We will utilize the materials provided based on the video composition, etc.
※Please understand that the future projects are not confirmed and it will be determined according to the next fiscal year budget.
Contact information:
Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles (Economic Group)
350 S Grand Ave. Suite 1700
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Mr. Nishigami / Ms. Date (Japanese), Mr. Swords (English) TEL 213-617-6700
E-mail: keizai@ls.mofa.go.jp