2024 JBA Annual Reception

On February 9, JBA Annual Reception was held at the Consul General’s official residence. The event featured the initiatives of Japanese companies to hydrogen technology in Southern California. In addition to the Japanese companies engaged in hydrogen infrastructure, government officials and economic organizations working to build a sustainable society participated in the event. It provided an opportunity to deepen exchanges between Japanese companies and local government and economic officials.
Since the event was also attended by State Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, shochu was offered to commemorate a bill to sell and serve shochu under its own name that was passed last year in California.  *In 2023, at the urging of Congressman Muratsuchi, California passed a new bill allowing shochu with less than 25% alcohol by volume to be handled under a beer or wine license. This allows Japanese shochu to be sold under its own name, after decades being mislabelled as Korean soju.
For more information, visit: https://legiscan.com/CA/text/AB416/id/2679694


Group Photo

Consul General Sone

Mr. Al Muratsuchi, State Assembly Member of
Torrance city

Mr. Donald Wagner, Chairman of Orange County Board of Supervisors

Mr. Hayashi, JBA Secretary

Mr. Thomas Iino, Founding Chair of US=Japan Council 

(From left) Mrs. Sone,
Mr. Bob Archuleta,
State Senator of D-Pico Rivera, Consul General Sone

(From left) Consul General Sone,
Mr. Wagner, Mr. Koabayashi, Vice President of JBA Chair of the Business and Commerce Committee

(From left) Mrs. Sone, Ms. Maria Salinas, President and CEO of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce,
Consul General Sone

Ms. Yuko Kaifu, President of Japan House Los Angeles


Presentation from JH2F by
Mr. Tak Yokoo

Presentation from Toyota Tsusho by
Mr. Toru Sugiura

Presentation from Paceco by
Mr. Troy Collard

Presentation from Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) by
Mr. Yuki Ebina

Presentation from Sumitomo Corp. by
Ms. Elizabeth Moody

Presentation from Toyota Motor by
Mr. Justin Ward

Presentation from Mitsui by
Mr. Ryan Bates

Presentation from Choshu Sangyo by
Ms. Pingchia Chang