Shochu Reception

On February 21, the Consulate General of Japan, together with the Japan Sake & Shochu Makers Association (JSS) and Japan House Los Angeles, held a Shochu Reception to celebrate the passage of AB416, which amends California law regarding alcohol licensing. Shochu with an alcohol content of less than 25% can now be sold in bars and restaurants that have a wine license.

At the reception, our Consul General Sone and Deputy Consul General Aoshima gave remarks and thanked all those involved in the passage of this bill.

Twenty shochu makers from Japan provided shochu, and in addition to a shochu seminar by mixologist Mr. Don Lee, special cocktails were served by Ms. Kendra Hada, winner of the 2023 Shochu Cocktail Contest, and Mr. Tom Liu, Thunderbolt's bartender.

Guests enjoyed pairing shochu with Japanese food from UKA Restaurant.

This legislation is expected to make it easier for more restaurants and bars in California to sell Japanese shochu.