KAKEHASHI - LA African American Young Business Leaders Delegation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan sponsored five young business leaders nominated by Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass’s Office of International Affairs to visit Japan on the KAKEHASHI Project from February 5-13. The delegation visited Tokyo and Nagoya and met with government officials including Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Yasushi Hosaka and Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura. The delegation also visited businesses and non-profits focused on entrepreneurship and social impact, including Borderless Japan, Ridilover, Leaf Factory Haneda, and Kogane-cho Area Management Center.     

The delegation included: Roman Combs, Kaya Dantzler, Mitchella Gilbert, Elijah Simmons, and Kameale Terry (read their bios).

Initiated by former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and administered through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the project aims to promote people-to-people exchanges between Japan and North America and to promote mutual trust and understanding to build a basis for future friendship and cooperation and to encourage further understanding of Japan.

Meeting with Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Hosaka Visit to Toyota Kaikan Museum
Meeting with Consulate General of U.S. in Nagoya Meeting with Japan External Trade Organization, Nagoya
Riding the Shinkansen bullet train