Thank You from Fukushima

On January 17, we co-hosted a reception "Thank you from Fukushima" with Fukushima Prefecture, to convey gratitude to those who have supported Fukushima's recovery in the aftermath of the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.
The event was joined by approximately 100 people, including those who supported the recovery of Fukushima Prefecture, such as the US government and military services. Governor of Fukushima Prefecture Uchibori expressed his gratitude for the support given by the US, and for the current state of a reviving Fukushima region. After remarks by Consul General Sone, US-Japan Council President, Ms. Suzanne Basalla, introduced the activities of the "Operation Tomodachi."  Capt. Tamara Graham, who delivered relief supplies to the affected areas as the commander of the helicopter unit in Operation Tomodachi, and Mr. Tom Burke, former commander of the USS Ronald Reagan who led Operation Tomodachi, looked back on areas affected at the time, and sent congratulatory messages to Fukushima for their progress in overcoming the disaster.
Products of Fukushima, like rice and sake, were served at the event to share the joy of recovery from disaster and to enjoy a taste of the reviving Fukushima region.

Consul General Sone Governor Uchibori
Captain Tamara Graham Ms. Suzanne Basalla

(Left to right) Consul General Sone, Ms. Basalla, Capt. Graham
Mr. Burke, Governor Uchibori, Congressman Mark Takano

Products from Fukushima were served at the reception