2023 California-Japan Sister Cities Spring Workshop Held

On May 19, the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles co-hosted the 2023 online California-Japan Sister Cities Spring Workshop with CJSCN (the California-Japan Sister Cities Network) and the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco.
Consuls General Yasushi Noguchi (San Francisco), Kenko Sone (LA), and CJSCN President Meg Mizutani each gave welcome remarks. Mayor George K. Chen from the City of Torrance, who just celebrated the 50 year long sister-city relationship in February with the City of Kashiwa (Chiba Prefecture, Japan), delivered a greeting as well.  California State Senator Josh Newman sent in a video message to the workshop.
This year's theme of the online workshop was "Navigating Renewed Opportunities for Sister Cities”. The Torrance Sister City Association and the Redlands Sister Cities Association, gave short presentations based on their actual experiences that were obtained from their resumed in-person exchanges done earlier this year. The participants discussed how to restart their own exchanges by dealing with post-pandemic, cautionary issues.
The workshop became a great opportunity to deepen understanding between people in Japan and California who dedicate themselves to sister city related organizations. Approximately 150 people participated, which is the largest number ever for a CJSCN online event.

A full report of the event, the materials from the presentations, and a link to the recording can be found on CJSCN’s website. For direct access to the recording, please click here

Consul General Kenko Sone (LA)
Torrance City Mayor George K. Chen
California State Senator Josh Newman
Presentation by Torrance Sister City Association
Presentation by Redlands Sister Cities Association