Shochu & Awamori PR Event “Savor Japanese Craft Spirits” Reception

On March 14th, the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles hosted a Shochu and Awamori event, “Savor Japanese Craft Spirits” reception at JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles, to promote Shochu and Awamori, targeting local representatives of the restaurant and bar businesses. The event started with remarks by Consul General Akira Muto, which was followed by a presentation about Shochu and Awamori by Toshio Ueno (Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassadors, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) and a presentation about ice by Mr. Yonezawa of Kuramoto Ice.
At the event, Shochu manufacturers, iichiko USA, Nankai Shochu, and Amami Kokuto Shochu Association; importers and wholesalers; JFC International and Mutual Trading; and southern California local rice shochu brewer, Urban Press Winery. Display booths also introduced products and offered tastings.
At the talk session, Mr. Ueno acted as moderator and Mr. Chris Gomez, Beverage Director of Restaurant Shibumi, Mr. John Broker, Rice Shochu brewer from Urban Press Winery, and Mr. Adam Guttentag of Japanese Restaurant Harajuku Taproom, talked about the appeal of Shochu and Awamori from the view point of Americans.
In the latter half of the event, the distilleries of four brewers of the Amami Kokuto Shochu Association were connected online and introduced their production processes.
About 40 people from local restaurants and bars joined this event, and deepened their knowledge of Shochu and Awamori.

Remarks by Consul General Muto
Presentation by Mr. Ueno
Presentation by Mr. Yonezawa Walk Around Tasting
Talk session Online live tour from brewers of the Amami Kokuto Shochu Association
Remarks by Ms. Kaifu