Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Brings Her “LOCAL POWER JAPAN” Project to Los Angeles

On Tuesday, April 19, Japanese singer, model and fashion icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who is often associated with Japan’s kawaii culture and Harajuku, brought her “LOCAL POWER JAPAN” project to Los Angeles, with a focus on Little Tokyo.
The “LOCAL POWER JAPAN” project highlights attractive aspects of different regions in Japan by having Kyary collaborate with local businesses to develop unique limited-edition merchandise and food items. Part of the proceeds are then returned to local communities. In 2022, she will be performing at 30 locations across Japan as part of her nationwide concert tour. At different locations, she is utilizing her “LOCAL POWER JAPAN” project to help uplift local tourism and businesses as they resume regular activities while dealing with the residual effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic.
Like many other neighborhoods in Southern California, Little Tokyo and its businesses experienced impacts from the global pandemic. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu worked with Little Tokyo businesses Bunkado, Café Dulce, Fugetsu-Do, and Okayama Kobo Bakery & Café to create collaborative items: a special edition T-shirt with a collaborative logo, doughnuts, Japanese mochi with sweet white bean filling, and bread with cream filling. Kyary, who was in Southern California to perform at the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, visited these shops on April 19 to showcase the items and talk with store owners. Kyary also visited the Japanese American National Museum, learning about the history of Japanese Americans.

Okayama Kobo Bakery &Café

Bunkado Café Dulce
Japanese American National Museum Miyako Hotel Los Angeles

Later in the evening, the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles hosted a reception at the Consul General’s Official Residence to highlight the collaboration between Kyary’s “Local Power Japan” project and Little Tokyo. The reception also welcomed members of the Los Angeles Next-Generation Japanese American Yonsei Leaders Initiative Entertainment Sub-Group, who moderated the program and participated in a panel discussion.

In part one of the program, Consul General MUTO Akira delivered remarks, welcoming the Local Power Japan project’s collaboration with Little Tokyo. ASOBISYSTEM President Yusuke Nakagawa and Kyary both spoke about the project in further detail, and then joined a panel discussion with members of the Yonsei Leaders Initiative. The discussion touched on Kyary’s collaboration with Little Tokyo as well as ways to promote Japanese entertainment content in Los Angeles.
Consul General MUTO Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Panel Discussion  
Kyary with Yonsei Leaders Initiative Members Kyary with Little Tokyo Businesses

For part two of the program, the audience moved to the backyard, where the Little Tokyo businesses that collaborated with Kyary introduced their products. Following a toast, guests enjoyed Japanese food and beverages while looking at Local Power Japan goods developed through Kyary’s collaborations in Japan.
Local Power Japan Project Items from Japan Reception