[Announcement] Announcing a New Video Information Series


[Announcement] Announcing a New Video Information Series

Highlighting the Many Positive Contributions of Japanese Companies in Southern California and Arizona, including:
  • Support of the Regional Economy
  • Support of Their Host Communities
  • Bringing New and Needed Products to Market
  • Introducing Advanced Technology and Best Practices from Japan
  • Making the World a Better Place
Project Goals:

Raising awareness about the positive role and contributions of Japanese companies in the region, including among US, State, and local government leadership.

Support creation of new product and brand awareness.

Opening new networking and business opportunities.
Working Premise:

Japan-affiliated companies are supporting and enhancing the regional economies of southern California and Arizona in a multitude of ways, most of which are low profile and effectively unnoticed.
This project aims to bring more attention to the many ways in which Japan-affiliated companies, through their technology, investment and business practices, are having a significant and positive impact in the region.
As the Consulate office is also in frequent contact with US, State and local government leadership, the project also presents a unique opportunity to present your company’s message or accomplishments to such leadership at Consulate meetings or other events.
A recent successful precedent would be a video project produced by the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles, which highlighted the contributions of Japan-affiliated companies in building a hydrogen energy sector and “Hydrogen Society” in southern California.  This video has enjoyed wide viewership, has been well-received by local residents, environmental organizations, and also by many elected officials and other key government leadership.  Video is available here:   
Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has also made ordinary networking and market outreach activities difficult for many Japanese companies, and this project aims to support Japan-affiliated companies recover from this difficult time by helping to build awareness through a new channel of communication.

Call for Participation and Cooperation:

・ For Japanese companies interested in the proposed 10 themes of "startup," "digital," "climate change," "ethical consumption," "SDGs," "Metaverse," "fintech," "diversity," "bio," and "women's advancement," this is a call for your cooperation in this PR video production project.
・ Based on the results of this open call for participants, themes will be aggregated and integrated as necessary, and the PR videos will be produced and publicized..
Utilization of Videos:

・ Dissemination via our website or SNS.
・ Screening at events hosted by the Consulate.
・ To be screened at meetings or events with State, County, Municipal leaders and other government executives.
Target Company Participants:

・ A Japanese company headquartered in the United States or Japan that is considering expanding into California (especially southern California) or Arizona in the future; or a company already in this region which wishes to showcase advanced technologies or business practices.  
Target Audience:

・ Mainly southern California and Arizona region; government leadership, business community, consumers, etc.
Video Composition and Production:

・ Language is English (English narration, partial English subtitles, BGM)
・ The Consulate will cooperate and support creation of English scripts for interviews.
・ In addition to interviews and video recording, will utilize 2D animation and motion graphics.
* Will have a structure similar to the recent "Public Relations Video for the Realization of a Hydrogen Society" created in 2021.
* Filming will be carried out by dispatching a professional video crew. However, if you are far away or outside of the United States, you may be asked to produce the video in-house and provide to the project.
Video length (5 themes):

・ 3 minutes for each video x 5 themes per video (15 minutes in total)
* Assuming about 10 participants: Determined by open recruitment  
Video production schedule (draft):

Advance Project Announcement - January 14, 2022
Open call for participants - starts mid-January 2022
Announcement of Project Participants - mid-February 2022
Video production: From Announcement of Project Participants-until the end of March 2022
* Please note that this project may be partially or completely canceled unexpectedly due to budgetary circumstances.
Contact information:
Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles (Economic Group)
350 S Grand Ave. Suite 1700
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Project Contact Address:  keizai@ls.mofa.go.jp
Attention to:
Mr. Nishigami / Ms. Date (Japanese inquiries)
Mr. Swords (English inquiries)