L.A. Next Generation Japanese American-Yonsei Leaders Initiative Event with JBA

On November 10, 2021, Consul General Akira Muto hosted an event featuring a presentation by Former Los Angeles County CEO Ms. Sachi Hamai as the second event of the L.A. Next Generation Japanese American-Yonsei Leaders Initiative.  The event was co-coordinated by the Japan Business Association of Southern California and brought together young business leaders of the Japanese and Japanese American communities.  

The presentation program was moderated by Ms. Yuko Kaifu, President of JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles, and began with remarks by Consul General Akira Muto and JBA President Mr. Hironori Kobayashi.  During her presentation, Ms. Hamai shared the background of her career journey and how she reached one of the highest leadership posts in Los Angeles County.  During the presentation and the Q&A session that followed, she also provided advice to the young leaders gathered on how to continue growing in their career paths. 

After the presentation program, the guests gathered outside in the garden area for a light reception which provided an opportunity for networking and building relationships for the further growth of the initiative.   

The L.A. Next Generation Japanese American-Yonsei Leaders Initiative seeks to cultivate next generation Japanese American leaders in Los Angeles to be engaged in U.S.-Japan relations and to be a bridge with Japanese counterparts locally and in Japan.