Shochu & Awamori Promotion: “Japanese Craft Spirits Month” in February 2021, and the online event "Japanese Craft Spirits Festival" on February 28

“Japanese Craft Spirits Month” was celebrated from February 1st to the 28th, to promote Shochu and Awamori to the general public in the Los Angeles area. During a month-long promotion period, a series of promotional and educational events were jointly organized by the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles, local Shochu manufacturers, food trading companies, a Japanese sake school, and Japanese supermarkets, with a goal of raising awareness about Shochu and Awamori and also expanding their share of the market.

In addition to the seven online events jointly organized with local restaurants and a Japanese sake school, promotional pamphlets were distributed at Japanese restaurants. All events were held virtually, in consideration of circumstances under the COVID-19 pandemic.    

On February 28th, the online celebration “Japanese Craft Spirits Festival” was held to help foster the growing interest in Shochu and Awamori, and expand their market. The online event included products promotion by Shochu manufacturers and food trading companies; a Shochu and Awamori seminar curated by a Japanese sake school; a real-time online Sake Brewery Tour; and a Shochu & Awamori cocktail making demonstration, with the purpose of enhancing understanding of Shochu & Sake, and expanding their market. A set of Shochu and Awamori samples were provided to the registered participants beforehand, and they enjoyed tasting and making cocktail by themselves. About 70 participants joined in this online experience.  


"Japanese Craft Spirits Month” (2/1-2/28)

Shochu & Awamori Seminar by Mr. Ueno, the Sake School of America (2/3)

Ms. Christina Veira, Bartender, Awamori Sunrise, making Awamori Cocktail (2/17)
Shochu Sales at a Japanese Supermarket during the “Japanese Craft Spirits Month”

Online Event “Japanese Craft Spirits Festival” (2/28)

Sake Brewery Tour by Iichiko
Shochu Cocktail posted on SNS and
Shochu & Awamori Set distributed to the participants