Special Presentation by Professor Yoshiyuki Sankai at JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles

On March 1, 2020, the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles and JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles co-hosted a special presentation by University of Tsukuba professor and Cyberdyne Inc. founder Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai on “Innovative Cybernics Technologies to Address Societal Challenges -- The Role of Cybernics to Create a Future 'Society 5.0.'”

Dr. Sankai began his talk with the evolution of human civilization, focusing on the next stage called “Society 5.0,” a vision of the future in which humans inhabit a space that integrates cyberspace and physical space together. He believes this new society is particularly crucial for Japan, as the nation finds ways to adapt to what Dr. Sankai has called a super-aging society in which low birth rate and long life expectancy have meant that 1 in 4 people are aged 65 or older. In order to accommodate to “Society 5.0,” Dr. Sankai has established and promoted a new academic field called “Cybernics,” a field that is centered around humans, machines and information systems and brings together different areas of academia. Dr. Sankai shared several remarkable stories of how his Cybernics products have aided patients in recovering from various chronic illnesses or serious injuries and workers in carrying out repetitive tasks. His technologies have been gradually gaining acceptance domestically and internationally in the field of medicine, agriculture, construction and more. He is continually working on ways to further advance his products.

The special presentation was open to the public and attended by about 100 audience members, including scholars, university students and business and medical personnel, even parents with young children. Before and after the presentation, audience members could experience various wearable ‘cyborgs’ as Dr. Sankai refers to them. 


Professor at the University of Tsukuba and
Founder of Cyberdyne Inc. Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai

Q&A with Audience Reception