Shochu & Awamori Promotion: "Savor Japanese Craft Spirits!" Reception on February 24, and “Japanese Craft Spirits Month” in February 2020


”Savor Japanese Craft Spirits” Reception (2/24)

The purpose of this event is to create business opportunities based upon potential customer response to “Japanese Craft Spirits Month,” which was held from February 1st to the 29th, 2020.

At this event, shochu manufactures and wholesalers, such as iichiko USA, Nankai Group, Banzai Beverage Corp., provided their products in their booth, and were joined by two local bartenders serving cocktails created with shochu and awamori, which was donated by Mutual Trading and Nankai Group. At the company booths, each maker introduced their products with tasting experiences, and business matching with visitors was also facilitated.

JETRO Los Angeles provided more than 20 kinds of shochu and awamori to enhance visitors’ understanding of shochu and awamori. Also, Mr. Toshio Ueno from the Sake School of America gave a lecture on shochu and awamori, and introduced rare shochu and awamori varieties.

Participating companies said “This event gave the opportunity to start business discussions with restaurants”, “We are considering beginning a study session with a bartender school”. Also, visitors commented “I, as a chef, could learn about shochu from scratch”, “I didn’t know much about shochu and awamori, but they became much familiar after learning to create cocktails with them”.


Lecture by Mr. Ueno, Sake School of America
iichiko USA Promotion Booth
“Blonde Beauty” prepared by Banzai Beverage Corp.
Bartender, Mr. Mark Ferguson and visitors

”Japanese Craft Spirits Month” (2/1-2/29)

“Japanese Craft Spirits Month” was held from February 1st to the 29th, to raise awareness about shochu and awamori among the general public. During this event period, participating locations such as local bars, restaurants, and retail shops, which provided shochu and awamori including its cocktails, were featured and mapped on the event website. Also, the event information was distributed via newly dedicated social media channels.

During the month-long program, nine pop-up events were held at participating locations to promote shochu and awamori. Those pop-up events were organized by bars, restaurants, and food trading companies, while the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles offered support in disseminating event information through social media and websites.   

At the one of the pop-up events, “Shochu Celebration,” organized by Beer Bar Harajuku Taproom on February 4th, a flight of four varieties of shochu (1 oz.) were available for $16, and enjoyed by about 10 participants.


Shochu Tasting by iichiko USA (1/16)

Food Trading Company participated Shochu promotion pop-up event
at beer bar Harajuku Taproom (2/4)

Awamori Tasting by Okinawa Blue Ocean Foods Company
at Pavilions (2/15)

Awamori provider at Japanese Sake, Beer, Shochu
Challenge organized by Japan Restaurant News (2/22)