Virtual Discussion Forum on “Green Hydrogen Energy in LA & Beyond: Mobility to Market”

On November 12th, the Consulate General of Japan and the environmental NGO, VerdeXchange, jointly organized a virtual discussion forum on “Green Hydrogen Energy in LA & Beyond: Mobility to Market”. At the time of a prior virtual roundtable discussion with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Japan Business Community, which was held in September, Consul General MUTO Akira invited LA Mayor Garcetti to an online event – namely, the “Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting 2020” on October 14th, organized by NEDO and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. LA Mayor Garcetti sent a video message to that meeting and within that video, he commented “we look forward to new collaboration, new networks, and marching side by side with you towards a more prosperous future”.  In response to the Mayor’s message, this forum was held.

The objectives of this forum were to share the initiatives and knowledge on the best uses of hydrogen energy and enhancing opportunities for a future hydrogen society. About 120 people from US Federal and State government, environmental thought-leaders, and companies participated, and the challenges and future opportunities of hydrogen energy were discussed.

After opening remarks by Consul General Akira Muto, three panel discussions; “Green H2 & California’s Future Fuel Mix”, “Getting Green H2 to Market: Production & Distribution”, and “Best Uses for Green H2: Fuel Cells for Mobile & Stationary Applications” were held, and several Japanese companies introduced their ambitious hydrogen projects. The panels also included Congressman Mike Levin, Commissioner Andrew McAllister from the California Energy Commission, Environmental Management Director Chris Cannon from the Port of Los Angeles, and President Maryam Brown from SoCal Gas. After the panel discussions, small-group discussions were hosted to provide attendees the opportunity to raise questions and discuss issues in greater detail with the panelists.

Consul General MUTO Akira
Congressman Mike Levin
President Maryam Brown from SoCal Gas