Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan in Greater Los Angeles

The Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan program made its way through the greater Los Angeles area on March 6th and 7th, conducting presentations and workshops at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens; Glendale High School; JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles; and the Official Residence of the Consul General of Japan. The delegation was led by Mr. Tomoaki Ishigaki, Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Public Affairs and Director of Global Communications of the Prime Minister's Office of Japan. Their visit is detailed in the article, photographs, and videos below.

Joining Mr. Ishigaki was a diverse group of speakers made up of Ms. Aya Sakai (undergraduate student in child education), Mr. Yoshiki Hatta (doctoral candidate in astroseismology), Ms. Yuko Chujo (banker), and Ms. Tokuro Miyake the 10th (kyogen practitioner). Ms. Sakai introduced audiences to the Japanese school lunch, known as kyuushoku in Japanese, and how it plays a role in educating Japan's youth about nutrition, manners, and collaboration. Mr. Hatta outlined recent accomplishments in the field of astronomy by both American and Japanese astrophysicists, particularly highlighting the detection of gravitational waves by LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) in the U.S. and the launch of the HAYABUSA satellites by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Ms. Chujo provided insights about the history of Japanese business and recent initiatives meant to bolster and elevate Japan's position in the international economy. And last, but not least, Ms. Miyake provided an overview of kyogen, Japan's "traditional theater of laughter," via interactive presentations, workshops, and demonstrations that had audiences laughing and applauding at every venue the delegation visited.

This fourth delegation of the Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan program of the 2018-2019 fiscal year visited a total of four main stops in their North American tour. The greater Los Angeles area served as the delegation's third stop following visits to Missoula, Montana and Vancouver, British Columbia. The delegation then completed their tour in Davis, California before heading home to Japan.

Since the "Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan" program was launched in June 2014, over 20 teams have visited 37 states and over 80 cities in the United States. Delegations have been made up of a wide variety of speakers. While sharing their stories with people from the U.S., the speakers have also presented their views on various aspects of Japan, including its culture and external relations. For further details, please visit the official website: https://www.japan.go.jp/walkinus/.

On the first day, delegates Tokuro Miyake the 10th, Yoshiki Hatta, Aya Sakai, and Yuko Chujo toured the rain-soaked The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California.


Delegates presented one by one then fielded questions from the audience in Rothenberg Hall at The Huntington.

During the reception, Ms. Miyake demonstrated a kyogen piece in the Garden Court of The Huntington.

In the morning of the second day, the five delegates of the Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan delegation (front row) posed with Consul General Akira Chiba (left) and members of Glendale High School and Glendale Unified School District. The delegates presented to an audience made up of students from Glendale High School, Wilson Middle School, Dunsmore Elementary School, and Verdugo Woodlands Elementary School. They also visited individual classes separately to meet with Glendale High School students in more intimate settings.


In the afternoon, Ms. Miyake demonstrated another piece during her kyogen workshop at JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles.

In the evening, each delegate gave a short presentation prior to a dinner reception held at the Official Resident of the Consul General.


Ms. Miyake gave a final performance in the garden at the Official Residence of the Consul General to the treat of all guests in attendance, marking the end of the Walk in U.S., Talk on Japan delegation's visit to the greater Los Angeles area.