Evacuation Drill on Oct. 17, 2019

Notice of Evacuation Drill
The annual Emergency Evacuation Drill in the building of the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles will be conducted on Thursday, October 17th, in compliance with the City of Los Angeles Fire Code. All visitors to the Consulate General of Japan will be required to participate in this drill, as mandated by the code. The fire drill will be unannounced, thus potentially occurring at any moment. 
During the fire drill, all consulate personnel and visitors will be required to go down the emergency stairwell from the 17th floor to the 11th Floor. We expect this may pose a potential inconvenience to individuals with disabilities and/or the elderly, and ask for your cooperation and understanding in advance.
In addition, our reception desk will close during the drill. With such conditions and circumstances in mind, we kindly ask that visitors consider rescheduling their planned visits to a different date. Once the drill begins, all visitors will be asked to comply with instructions from consulate staff, who will promptly guide you to an emergency exit. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in advance.