Consul General's Commendation Conferred on Mr. Toshiaki Toyoshima

On Monday, December 14, 2015, the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles conferred the Commendation of the Consul General on Mr. Toshiaki Toyoshima, Owner of Sushi Gen.

Mr. Toyoshima’s biography and achievements are as follows.

1. Biography

Mr. Toshiaki Toyoshima was born in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. He left for Tokyo in 1962 to begin his career as a sushi chef and came to the Unites States in 1973, opening Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo in 1980, which has been a popular restaurant since its opening. Mr. Toyoshima provided much effort to the establishment of the Aomori Kenjinkai and has even served as its 4th President, contributing greatly to the development of the Japanese American community. Since 2007, he has served as the first President of the LA Nebutabayashi Hozonkai and in February of this year, he assumed the post of Tourism Ambassador for Aomori City, placing much emphasis on the promotion of the Japanese culture.

2.  Achievements

Mr. Toyoshima has spent 35 years as the owner of a popular sushi restaurant, providing fresh and delicious sushi similar to that in Japan, and offering genuine Japanese food to non-Japanese people. As President of the LA Nebutabayashi Hozonkai and Tourism Ambassador for Aomori City, Mr. Toyoshima participates in many events, doing demonstrations of the Haneto and Hayashi dance, actively promoting Japanese culture. This year alone, he has successfully participated with the Nebuta in both the Nisei Week Parade and the Hollywood Christmas Parade. In such ways, he continually contributes to the popularization and spread of Japanese traditional culture.

3. Conferment Ceremony

The ceremony was attended by approximately 20 guests, including Mr. Toyoshima’s wife and friends. Consul General Horinouchi’s remarks provided an overview of Mr. Toyoshima’s struggles in running a popular Sushi restaurant over the years in Los Angeles and his contributions to the popularization and spread of Japanese traditional culture in Southern California, for which Consul General extended his sincerest appreciation. After the conferment of the certificate, Mr. Toyoshima expressed his gratitude to all those who had supported him over the years and stated that he did not ever intend to retire. The congratulatory remarks were given by Mr. Joji Kusayanagi, President of International Marine Products, and Mr. Kazuhiko Shimizu of Sushi Gen, both of whom expressed their gratitude to Mr. Toyoshima for his great diligence. The toast was given by Mr. Tsuyoshi Tanooka, former President of Market Specialty, who congratulated Mr. Toyoshima on his achievement, ending the approximately 40-minute ceremony. A reception followed, which was enjoyed by all the guests.