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June 26, 2015

Providing information on Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (NPS) related issues to the international society in a transparent and accurate manner is one of the Government of Japan’s duties. In order to further carry out such duty, the Government of Japan has uploaded useful information regarding Fukushima Daiichi NPS related issues on its webpage.

This webpage includes following information:
  • Comprehensive report provided through the IAEA
  • Comparison of the air dose rate data between cities in Japan and the world's major cities
  • Information on the Final Report on the IAEA Review Mission on Mid-and-Long-Term Roadmap towards the Decommissioning of TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Units 1–4 (issued on May 14, 2015)


The URL of the aforementioned webpage is as follows: a new window



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Japan is Safe for Travel!

Information for Foreign Nationals in Japan

Japanese food safety ensured!

Stringent rules, examinations and import protocols have effectively eliminated the possibility of radiation contamination in Japanese food products. Japanese food is healthy, wholesome and delicious – and both the US and Japanese goverments are confident that it is perfectly free of harmful radiation as well. For more, see here:


Nuclear and Radioactivity Levels Information

Tsunami Debris Response and Coastal Marine Debris Cleanup Efforts

Tsunami Debris Response Efforts

Some tsunami debris items from the March 11 earthquake have already been discovered on the west coast of North America and may continue to arrive intermittingly over the next few years. Japan, the U.S. and Canada have been cooperating on the tsunami debris issue, a natural event, and Japanese Consulates General along the West Coast and in Hawaii have been sharing information with relevant U.S. and Canadian federal, state and provincial government agencies since last year.


Coastal Cleanup Activities

Ongoing media attention on tsunami debris washed out by the Great East Japan Earthquake has helped to raise public awareness of the much larger and continuing issue of general marine drifting debris, which circulates oceans and washes up on shorelines around the world all the time. As a result, there has been renewed interest in coastal cleanup activities by volunteers and various organizations on the west coast of North America and in Hawaii.


On the west coast of North America, coastal volunteer activities have been conducted by various organizations. Those who are interested in helping to beautify California's coasts and waterways can click on the California Coastal Commission link below.


The California Coastal Commission Coastal Event Calendars: a new window


Tsunami Debris Related Sources