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Invitation Program for Japanese American Students June/July 2018


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan will sponsor a group of four Japanese American high school students to travel to Japan June 23 – July 3, 2018 for the opportunity to learn about Japan and to promote mutual understanding and exchanges between Japanese and Japanese American younger generations.  Those with multiracial backgrounds and children of first generation Japanese immigrants (“shin issei”) are highly encouraged to apply.  This is the tenth group of students to be invited for the program.  The itinerary in Japan is scheduled to include a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, tours of Tokyo and the Kansai area, and a homestay experience.    

Applicants should submit materials to their local consulate general office, or for residents of the Washington DC area, the embassy.  To find the office in your region, please visit: http://www.us.emb-japan.go.jp/jicc/consulate-guide.html

Instructions for Los Angeles consulate region applicants
Please submit materials via email or mail to Jennifer Usyak, Advisor
Email: j.usyak@ls.mofa.go.jp
Mail:    Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles
350 South Grand Avenue, Suite 1700
Los Angeles, CA  90071

As this is a highly selective program, applicants are encouraged to provide ample detail when completing the application, highlighting what qualities, experiences, and future goals make them an exceptional candidate for the program, and for fostering the U.S.-Japan friendship.

For further information, please contact Jennifer Usyak at 213.617.6700 x166 or j.usyak@ls.mofa.go.jp  

Application Deadline: April 13, 2018

[program description (pdf)]
[application (word)]



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