(Credit: Cabinet Public Relations Office)

Prime Minister Abe at G7 Meeting 

On May 26 and 27, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe joined fellow Group of Seven leaders for a meeting in Taormina, Italy.
The leaders discussed such issues as global peace and security as well as global economic growth. Read more:

2017 Global Summit of Women in Tokyo

The Global Summit of Women 2017 was held in Tokyo on May 11-13, with delegates from 62 countries in attendance. At the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe received the Global Women's Leadership Award and said he would accept it on behalf of all people who have worked to create opportunities for women to succeed in Japanese society.
Read more below:

Decoration Ceremony Held For Mr. Gary Yamauchi

The conferral of the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays on Former Councilmember Gary Yamauchi of the City of Alhambra was held on May 31 at the Official Residence of the Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles.

JMSDF Training Squadron in San Diego

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force vessels JS KASHIMA and JS HARUSAME will arrive in San Diego on Wednesday, June 14. JS HARUSAME will be open to the general public on Thursday, June 15, so if you're in the area, don't miss this opportunity!
Find out more:

Community Celebration Marks the 45th Anniversary of the Okinawa Reversion

Consul General and Mrs. Chiba hosted a community celebration at the Official Resience to mark the 45th anniversary of the reversion of Okinawa to Japan. The event featured Okinawan food and a special performance by Ryuku Koku Matsuri Daiko.

Don't Miss These Japanese Film Screenings! 

Tatara Samurai

Multiple screening dates


Behind the Cove

Wednesday, June 14 at UCLA Research Library (Charles E. Young), Library Conference Center
Saturday, June 17 at the Nibei Foundation

In This Corner of the World 

Tuesday, June 20 at the ArcLight Culver City 8 (as part of the L.A. Film Festival)

2017 Nisei Week Festival

The 77th Nisei Week Japanese Festival will be held from August 19-27, 2017 in Little Tokyo. This annual community celebration enjoyed by thousands every summer showcases free Japanese cultural events and activities. Returning again this year are favorites such as the Baby Show, Grand Parade, and Tanabata Festival.

Events Calendar

Looking for something to do this summer or simply looking to make plans for the weekend? Check out the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles' events calendar for Japan-related events and activities in Southern California and Arizona!

Intrepid Brewer from Japan Creates Arizona Sake!

Good quality water, tremendous skill and a lot of "thinking out of the box" imagination have resulted in Arizona's first and only sake brewery! See more on this remarkable effort right here:

Hatsune Miku and Japan's Ministry of Agriculture Team Up to Showcase Japanese Food

Join Hatsune Miku as she travels to different regions in Japan to sample delicious dishes!

Regional Revitalization

In order to restore local economic vitality and overcome declining populations in Japan, the government is moving to revitalize regional areas to make them more attractive as places to work, live, and raise new families. More insights on this program here:

Innovation Japan

For Japan and elsewhere in the world, it will be innovation that unquestionably resolves the issues we face in the future. Japan is committed to being the very first country to prove that it is possible to grow its economy through continuous innovation even as its population declines.

Rain in Japan

Japan's rainy season, or tsuyu, typically begins in June and lasts about a month, making it a budget-friendly time that also allows travelers to avoid large crowds at attractions.
What may come as a surprise to residents of Southern California and Arizona -- where long stretches of days without any rainfall are common -- is that the Japanese language has a plethora of words for "rain" based on such characteristics as intensity, length, frequency, atmospheric characteristics and of course, the season. Many of these words are often incorporated into haiku and other traditional poems, signifying a particular season or time of the year. Following are some examples:
ame - the generic term for "rain"
kirisame - a foglike rain with raindrops of less than 0.5mm in diameter
nagaame - rain that lasts for several consecutive days
hisame - very cold rain
yudachi - sudden heavy rain in the summer between the afternoon and evening hours
shigure - intermittent rainfall that occurs between fall and winter
samidare- June rain that lasts for days

On the upside, the June rainy season contributes to Japan's lush landscapes.

Photo Credit: FarmTomita, JTA, JNTO

Credit: Nagasaki Prefecuture Town Association

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