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Short Term Stay refers to temporary visits of up to 90 days with non-paid activities as the purpose of the trip.
Nationals from countries that have visa exemption arrangements with Japan can apply for landing permission for short term stay without obtaining a visa.
For those nationals who require a visa, the following documents in duplicate are required to apply for a visa.
To Attend Deposition taking by U.S. Consul

Applications from those who entered U.S. with B1/B2 visa or who are under U.S. visa exemption status will not be accepted in this office.

A valid passport (must have a complete blank visa page)
One 2"x2" passport-type photo (taken within 6 months)
One visa application form
A confirmed flight itinerary showing travel from the U.S. to Japan and from Japan to the U.S., including dates and flight numbers.
* Please Note: We are not responsible for tickets, which are unusable due to delay or denial of visa.
An alien registration card (i.e. U.S. green card) if you are a permanent resident of the U.S.
An I-20 form and a valid student visa, if you are a foreign student in the U.S.
Proof of long-term resident status in the U.S. if you are neither a permanent resident nor a foreign student
For business
A letter from the applicant's U.S. company which must include the nature of the business trip, schedule, length of stay and the company's financial responsibility for the expenses incurred during the trip.
A letter of invitation from the company in Japan.
Materials showing the outline of the U.S. company's business as well as that of the company in Japan.
Hotel confirmation.

For visiting friends or relatives
The applicant's U.S. bank statement (most recent 1 month)
A letter of invitation
A proof of residence from the person in Japan
Daily itinerary

For tour or sightseeing
The applicant's U.S. bank statement (most recent 1 month)
Hotel confirmation
Tour confirmation or itinerary
Daily itinerary

* PLEASE NOTE: Additional documents may be required.

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